The Attributes class (zarr.attrs)#

class zarr.attrs.Attributes(store, key='.zattrs', read_only=False, cache=True, synchronizer=None, cached_dict=None)[source]#

Class providing access to user attributes on an array or group. Should not be instantiated directly, will be available via the .attrs property of an array or group.


The store in which to store the attributes.

keystr, optional

The key under which the attributes will be stored.

read_onlybool, optional

If True, attributes cannot be modified.

cachebool, optional

If True (default), attributes will be cached locally.


Only necessary if attributes may be modified from multiple threads or processes.

__setitem__(item, value)[source]#
keys() a set-like object providing a view on D's keys[source]#

Retrieve all attributes as a dictionary.


Overwrite all attributes with the key/value pairs in the provided dictionary d in a single operation.

update(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Update the values of several attributes in a single operation.


Refresh cached attributes from the store.