Compressors and filters (zarr.codecs)#

This module contains compressor and filter classes for use with Zarr. Please note that this module is provided for backwards compatibility with previous versions of Zarr. From Zarr version 2.2 onwards, all codec classes have been moved to a separate package called Numcodecs. The two packages (Zarr and Numcodecs) are designed to be used together. For example, a Numcodecs codec class can be used as a compressor for a Zarr array:

>>> import zarr
>>> from numcodecs import Blosc
>>> z = zarr.zeros(1000000, compressor=Blosc(cname='zstd', clevel=1, shuffle=Blosc.SHUFFLE))

Codec classes can also be used as filters. See the tutorial section on Filters for more information.

Please note that it is also relatively straightforward to define and register custom codec classes. See the Numcodecs codec API and codec registry documentation for more information.