The Attributes class (zarr.attrs)

class zarr.attrs.Attributes(store, key='.zattrs', read_only=False, cache=True, synchronizer=None)[source]

Class providing access to user attributes on an array or group. Should not be instantiated directly, will be available via the .attrs property of an array or group.

store : MutableMapping

The store in which to store the attributes.

key : str, optional

The key under which the attributes will be stored.

read_only : bool, optional

If True, attributes cannot be modified.

cache : bool, optional

If True (default), attributes will be cached locally.

synchronizer : Synchronizer

Only necessary if attributes may be modified from multiple threads or processes.

__getitem__(self, item)[source]
__setitem__(self, item, value)[source]
__delitem__(self, item)[source]

Retrieve all attributes as a dictionary.

put(self, d)[source]

Overwrite all attributes with the key/value pairs in the provided dictionary d in a single operation.

update(self, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Update the values of several attributes in a single operation.


Refresh cached attributes from the store.