Source code for zarr._storage.absstore

"""This module contains storage classes related to Azure Blob Storage (ABS)"""

from typing import Optional
import warnings

from numcodecs.compat import ensure_bytes
from zarr.util import normalize_storage_path
from import (
from zarr.types import DIMENSION_SEPARATOR

__doctest_requires__ = {
    ("ABSStore", "ABSStore.*"): [""],

[docs] class ABSStore(Store): """Storage class using Azure Blob Storage (ABS). Parameters ---------- container : string The name of the ABS container to use. .. deprecated:: Use ``client`` instead. prefix : string Location of the "directory" to use as the root of the storage hierarchy within the container. account_name : string The Azure blob storage account name. .. deprecated:: 2.8.3 Use ``client`` instead. account_key : string The Azure blob storage account access key. .. deprecated:: 2.8.3 Use ``client`` instead. blob_service_kwargs : dictionary Extra arguments to be passed into the azure blob client, for e.g. when using the emulator, pass in blob_service_kwargs={'is_emulated': True}. .. deprecated:: 2.8.3 Use ``client`` instead. dimension_separator : {'.', '/'}, optional Separator placed between the dimensions of a chunk. client :, optional And ```` to connect with. See `here <>`_ # noqa for more. .. versionadded:: 2.8.3 Notes ----- In order to use this store, you must install the Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for Python, ``azure-storage-blob>=12.5.0``. """ # noqa: E501 def __init__( self, container=None, prefix="", account_name=None, account_key=None, blob_service_kwargs=None, dimension_separator: Optional[DIMENSION_SEPARATOR] = None, client=None, ): warnings.warn( V3_DEPRECATION_MESSAGE.format(store=self.__class__.__name__), FutureWarning, stacklevel=3, ) self._dimension_separator = dimension_separator self.prefix = normalize_storage_path(prefix) if client is None: # deprecated option, try to construct the client for them msg = ( "Providing 'container', 'account_name', 'account_key', and 'blob_service_kwargs'" "is deprecated. Provide and instance of '' " "'client' instead." ) warnings.warn(msg, FutureWarning, stacklevel=2) from import ContainerClient blob_service_kwargs = blob_service_kwargs or {} client = ContainerClient( f"https://{account_name}", container, credential=account_key, **blob_service_kwargs, ) self.client = client self._container = container self._account_name = account_name self._account_key = account_key @staticmethod def _warn_deprecated(property_): msg = ( "The {} property is deprecated and will be removed in a future " "version. Get the property from 'ABSStore.client' instead." ) warnings.warn(msg.format(property_), FutureWarning, stacklevel=3) @property def container(self): self._warn_deprecated("container") return self._container @property def account_name(self): self._warn_deprecated("account_name") return self._account_name @property def account_key(self): self._warn_deprecated("account_key") return self._account_key def _append_path_to_prefix(self, path): if self.prefix == "": return normalize_storage_path(path) else: return "/".join([self.prefix, normalize_storage_path(path)]) @staticmethod def _strip_prefix_from_path(path, prefix): # normalized things will not have any leading or trailing slashes path_norm = normalize_storage_path(path) prefix_norm = normalize_storage_path(prefix) if prefix: return path_norm[(len(prefix_norm) + 1) :] else: return path_norm def __getitem__(self, key): from azure.core.exceptions import ResourceNotFoundError blob_name = self._append_path_to_prefix(key) try: return self.client.download_blob(blob_name).readall() except ResourceNotFoundError as e: raise KeyError(f"Blob {blob_name} not found") from e def __setitem__(self, key, value): value = ensure_bytes(value) blob_name = self._append_path_to_prefix(key) self.client.upload_blob(blob_name, value, overwrite=True) def __delitem__(self, key): from azure.core.exceptions import ResourceNotFoundError try: self.client.delete_blob(self._append_path_to_prefix(key)) except ResourceNotFoundError as e: raise KeyError(f"Blob {key} not found") from e def __eq__(self, other): return ( isinstance(other, ABSStore) and self.client == other.client and self.prefix == other.prefix ) def keys(self): return list(self.__iter__()) def __iter__(self): if self.prefix: list_blobs_prefix = self.prefix + "/" else: list_blobs_prefix = None for blob in self.client.list_blobs(list_blobs_prefix): yield self._strip_prefix_from_path(, self.prefix) def __len__(self): return len(self.keys()) def __contains__(self, key): blob_name = self._append_path_to_prefix(key) return self.client.get_blob_client(blob_name).exists() def listdir(self, path=None): dir_path = normalize_storage_path(self._append_path_to_prefix(path)) if dir_path: dir_path += "/" items = [ self._strip_prefix_from_path(, dir_path) for blob in self.client.walk_blobs(name_starts_with=dir_path, delimiter="/") ] return items def rmdir(self, path=None): dir_path = normalize_storage_path(self._append_path_to_prefix(path)) if dir_path: dir_path += "/" for blob in self.client.list_blobs(name_starts_with=dir_path): self.client.delete_blob(blob) def getsize(self, path=None): store_path = normalize_storage_path(path) fs_path = self._append_path_to_prefix(store_path) if fs_path: blob_client = self.client.get_blob_client(fs_path) else: blob_client = None if blob_client and blob_client.exists(): return blob_client.get_blob_properties().size else: size = 0 if fs_path == "": fs_path = None elif not fs_path.endswith("/"): fs_path += "/" for blob in self.client.walk_blobs(name_starts_with=fs_path, delimiter="/"): blob_client = self.client.get_blob_client(blob) if blob_client.exists(): size += blob_client.get_blob_properties().size return size def clear(self): self.rmdir()
class ABSStoreV3(ABSStore, StoreV3): def list(self): return list(self.keys()) def __eq__(self, other): return ( isinstance(other, ABSStoreV3) and self.client == other.client and self.prefix == other.prefix ) def __setitem__(self, key, value): self._validate_key(key) super().__setitem__(key, value) def rmdir(self, path=None): if not path: # Currently allowing clear to delete everything as in v2 # If we disallow an empty path then we will need to modify # TestABSStoreV3 to have the create_store method use a prefix. ABSStore.rmdir(self, "") return meta_dir = meta_root + path meta_dir = meta_dir.rstrip("/") ABSStore.rmdir(self, meta_dir) # remove data folder data_dir = data_root + path data_dir = data_dir.rstrip("/") ABSStore.rmdir(self, data_dir) # remove metadata files sfx = _get_metadata_suffix(self) array_meta_file = meta_dir + ".array" + sfx if array_meta_file in self: del self[array_meta_file] group_meta_file = meta_dir + ".group" + sfx if group_meta_file in self: del self[group_meta_file] # TODO: adapt the v2 getsize method to work for v3 # For now, calling the generic keys-based _getsize def getsize(self, path=None): from import _getsize # avoid circular import return _getsize(self, path) ABSStoreV3.__doc__ = ABSStore.__doc__