Zarr depends on NumPy. It is generally best to install NumPy first using whatever method is most appropriate for your operating system and Python distribution. Other dependencies should be installed automatically if using one of the installation methods below.

Note: Zarr has endorsed Scientific-Python SPEC 0 and now follows the version support window as outlined below:

  • Python: 36 months after initial release

  • Core package dependencies (e.g. NumPy): 24 months after initial release

Install Zarr from PyPI:

$ pip install zarr

Alternatively, install Zarr via conda:

$ conda install -c conda-forge zarr

To install the latest development version of Zarr, you can use pip with the latest GitHub main:

$ pip install git+

To work with Zarr source code in development, install from GitHub:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd zarr-python
$ python -m pip install -e .

To verify that Zarr has been fully installed, run the test suite:

$ pip install pytest
$ python -m pytest -v --pyargs zarr